Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Want Your Opinion

I went shopping last week for sports bras.  I got four, two white, one sassy lilac, and one gray (obsidian).  They come in a wide variety of colors.  I want to get two more and I would like you to pop over there and tell me the two colors you like.  Here is the link:  Barely There Sports Bra.  Please be specific in the colors!  :)  They were on sale yesterday, but I just checked and they aren't today.  So, I will wait to get them when they are on sale.  When I got them in the store, it was buy one, get the other 1/2 off.  So, please help me in which color you think I should get !!  :)  Thanks !


  1. I like the black one! Then again, most of the clothes I wear are black...

  2. I wear barely there bras and have for years. They are quite comfortable. The only colors I have are white, black, and flesh colored. Suits me fine. The white isn't my favorite. Good luck. And I'm sure you're excited about these purchases.

  3. I love colors! But it depends on what your clothes are like, so they don't show through. If you wear mostly dark clothes, then go for something bright but you have to be careful with sport bras because the straps are thicker and sometimes they are closer to the neck line that makes it more visible when wearing a regular shirt or blouse.

  4. Jenn ~ I will probably get black and another color!

    Cass ~ These particular ones do not come in flesh colors. I sure wish they did.

    Lauren ~ I didn't even think about the straps and the neck line. I will have to really think about that when I start buying my new fall clothes. Nothing fits from last year! It is expensive to loose weight !!

  5. I just stick with white....old habits are hard to break!Hahaaa