Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Am A Winner

Look what I won from Jenn !! 

I won the this giveaway that I blogged about, entered and tweeted today !!  To win this giveaway, I had to follow her blog, follow her on twitter, follow her face book blog, tweet about her giveaway and just entry.  It was that simple. 

Now, that these are on there way, I am going to have to walk extra!!!  Have you all noticed my new gadget ?!?!?!  The Distance Gadget ?!?!?!  I am going to be tracking my walking.  You can see that I haven't started yet.  But, with these cookies on the way, I will be starting tomorrow !!  This tracker will also be helpful for me with my Motivational Mondays, too !!  :)

What a way to end a fun evening.  We spent the evening with my husbands brother and wife. 

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  1. You can get the distance gadget at I forgot that !! :)