Monday, September 13, 2010

There Is A LOT Going On At The Design Girl - Check This ALL Out

Remember, the Design Girl is having a BIRTHDAY BASH with lots of free giveaways.  Here are some of them.

Don't forget these cute recycle bags from Bebeloosh.

Now, aren't they cute ?!?!?  You can enter the giveaway here.

On to the next one, yes, the next one....... It is Scratch & Sniff.

She sent in a picture of her darling chihuahua/min pin mix.  She recently moved to Chicago from LA.  So, she asked for them to make her this.  It is a chihuahua out of a map of Chicago.  How cool is that ?!?!?  Nifty, huh ?!?!?


To enter this for this giveaway, you can enter here.
How cute would that be of Pedro with a map of St. Louis ?!?!  Here is my stinking cute Pedro, in case you  forgot what he looked liked.  *giggles*

That is not the end, yet!!  There is more!!  This one is about Gussy!!  Have you seen her before?!?  Wow, neat stuff.

Now, what are you waiting for !!  To enter for this cool giveaway, go here.

WOW !!!!!!!!!!

Now, that is a whole bunch !!  If you haven't seen the Design Girl, go look.  She is going to be doing some custom design work for me coming up soon !!  :)

If you all remember me from back in my old blogging days, I never had a plain ole design !!  I always had someone do it for me !!  I have found someone new !!  :)


  1. I got a couple of images from i stock and tried to get them into the template, I flunked. I am so enjoying this pre-made fall template from The Design Girl!!

  2. I have chosen you for an award here:

  3. Thanks, Jeannette !! :) I will be over to pick it up !! :)