Friday, September 24, 2010

I Had A Knock At My Door Today

and I opened the door and there stood the Sheriff!  Guess who he wanted to see ?!?!?!  Roy's ex-wife!!  She hasn't lived here in over 11 years !!  We get creditor collection calls every month or two for her.  I just simply say that she hasn't been at this number in over 11 years.  I ask them to take our number out of the machine and I never hear back.  We haven't received any of her mail probably in 10 years.  But, today, when I answered the front door, it was the Sheriff !!  He asked for Darlene M.  I said, that she and Roy had been divorced for over 11 years and I didn't know where she was.  He was very nice and left.  I texted Roy right away and told him.  He said, "I wonder what they want her for."  It was funny, Pedro let the Sheriff know that he lives here !!  LOL 

I did stop my cholesterol medicine and I am feeling all better !!  My nurse told me that I should stop it for a week and try it again.  I am not looking forward to re-starting it.

I did get a new camera, a Canon, 12.3 megapixel from Best Buy.  So, you will be seeing more pictures !!  I had to get a new memory card for it.  My old camera had a 256K memory card.  So today, I got a 4MB card!!  :)


  1. I got a new camera a couple of years ago. It's 10mega pixels and purple! I love it! One day I want a fancier one, but for now, this one is just fine.

  2. I love my new camera !! I have to install the software on my computer. I haven't done much today. My incision popped open !! ARG !!!