Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just A Minor Bump In The Road

I had an appointment with my surgeon yesterday.  The incision didn't break open.  But, I am having lack of blood supply to underneath of my boobs.  There is some infection, too, so he started me on antibiotics immediately.  I also change the gauze three times a day.  They are really oozing.  This is not want I wanted to hear.  He assured me that this will not effect the way my boobs will look or anything.  I got a couple of sports bra's and they are so neat.  I am going to start 'sporting' those today!  I really feel good about this little detour in the healing process.  My surgeon is on top of this, he took pictures and I go back next Tuesday! 


  1. You have a great attitude :) That will help you heal quicker :)

  2. Jenn ~ Thanks !

    Lauren ~ Yes, I do !! I hope it does. The 875 mg. of Levaquin twice a day is really working and is kicking my butt!

  3. Hope your infection goes away quickly and everything heals fast.