Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Incision Popped Open

I have been doing too much !!  Under my right boob, my incision popped open.  It is quite a mess.  I see my surgeon on Tuesday.  I wonder if I will be in trouble ?!?!?!  It will probably have to heal from the inside out now.  It will probably take forever to heal now.  I know, it is all my fault.  I have been lifting a lot in the last week.  I thought I was all in the clear.  I have been doing some fall cleaning.  Going through stuff.  I had a new cleaning lady start today.  I really like her.  Although, Pedro let her know that he lives here.  He barked the entire 3 1/2 hours.  She is coming back on Monday to finish!  

When will I learn ?!?!?!?!  I know I don't heal well, but I really thought I was in the clear.  All thing will get better.  I have the faith !!


  1. How bad did it open? Do you need to see someone before Tuesday?

  2. I'm sorry hun. I am the same way...always trying to go go go. I hope you heal up quickly and take it easy! *hugs*

  3. Sorry to hear that your incision popped open. and also sorry to hear that you have been sick.......maybe from the medication. Through it all, D, you still have your sparkles of hope. I have been sick with the flu....fever, aches, yuck......the household is hanging on by a thread. Back to bed I go. love you D!

  4. Jenn ~ What it looks like that it has opened or rubbed it open under the suppression bra. I will wait until Tuesday. It doesn't look infected, yet! Thanks for your concern!

    Jeannette ~ It will probably take awhile to heal, now. But, it will all be okay. It just opened underneath the bra line.

    Jane ~ The medicine made me feel horrible! I am sorry you have been sick. When you are sick, your whole family needs you so bad! I will call you to see if you would like me to come up! ((HUGS))

  5. oh no! You really need to rest and take care of yourself. You are doing too much too soon. Just let things be, and you'll heal quicker :)

  6. Don't do too much. Give yourself a break.

  7. Lol, hope it's nothing too bad that won't heal on it's own! I KNEW I would do something like that so I made sure to do my deep spring cleaning a couple of days before my surgery. I was getting antsy there for a while afterwards but didn't want that happening so I minded the dang doc, lol! Now i'm back to normal stuff and have been hitting the gym twice a day. And it sure has helped relieve stress!!!

    Hope it heals up quickly sweetie!!

  9. Lauren ~ I am taking it easy. I am on antibiotics now!

    Cas ~ I really haven't been doing that much. Roy is back in control.

    Crystal ~ I think everything will be fine. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Donna ~ Thanks for slapping my hand !! LOL *HUGS*