Friday, September 10, 2010

End of Roy's Vacation

It has gone by quick!  Roy goes back to work tonight.  I am going to miss him!  He has been a big help to me and for me while I have been recuperating.  But, all is good ! 

I am still doing great!  Everything looks great as far as my boobs!  I have been doing more and more and I get tired very quickly.  I am really surprised!  But, it hasn't been two weeks yet.  No pain or anything !  Isn't that great ?!?!?  I am so pleased. 

Nothing but raining here!  I think it is going to stop by Saturday.  I sure hope so, because I am back to walking Pedro!  Speak of him, he is doing great.  He still wonders what is wrong with me.  He occasionally will come and sit by me.  He will sniff me and then jump down.  He is our first dog and they can really sense when something is wrong!  Speaking of the rain, I have to take him out !  Oh, great !!  LOL 

I have gotten addicted to Family Feud on Face Book.  Now, that I can sit and the computer for hours on end and it doesn't bother my back, I love that game !  I won't tell you how many questionnaire's I have filled out, how many auto quotes I have filled out, etc., to get free games.  LOL 

Life is GREAT !!!!!


  1. It sounds like you are really doing great. I'm so pleased. Sorry that Roy had to go back to work.

  2. My daughter plays that game all the time.

    Boy, you sure are rubbing in the no pain thing, aren't you??? lol! Just teasing you! I am glad you're doing so well. Just remember not to overdo it. Just because you are feeling good doesn't mean you are completely healed yet. (wow...that was a lot of "just"!)

  3. Cassie ~ All good things must come to an end! He called me to see how Pedro is doing! :)

    Jenn ~ lol about the 'justs'!! I haven't had hardly any pain. I go back on Tuesday! I hope everything goes good with my nipples. Skin graphs worry me! But, no problems!