Monday, October 4, 2010

A Long Update

Just so much going on!  I have been shopping and gearing up for the fall and winter months.  Last year I was wearing in jeans a 22 to a 24.  This year I am in 18's.  So, I have to buy new jeans.  I just bought one pair so far and they are skinny jeans!  I want to buy two more pairs, one boot cut and I am not sure of the other style I want.  In tops and shirts, I was a 2X last year and this year I am a 1X.  So, I will be getting by pretty much in my sweaters and tops.  But, of course, I want some more.  So, I got a couple more tops.  But, I can't wear V necks at all.  I tried on a couple sweaters in V neck styles for a switch, and NO go.  I don't have boobs to fill them out.  Which is okay, I have found other cute things.  I also got sports bras.  I got them in lots of colors.  I took pictures of all of what I bought, but I don't know how to upload them.  I can't find on my computer where to put the card and there is no USB cable or anything.  No place on the camera for one.  So, I hope I am not disappointed. 

My mom decided that she can't make the trip from Florida to St. Louis for Thanksgiving.  She said that she just can't sit in an airplane with her knees bent for that long and that she will have a hard time going up and down stairs.  So, I decided to go down there to see her.  I need to see how she is doing.  She was still in the rehab center when I left in August.   I called my brothers to see if they could help me with my plane fare.  My brother, David said he would help, which I was very grateful.  Steve called me on Friday and was just so mean and talking so mean about my mom and said to me are you still there, I don't want to be talking to dead air.  He was practically yelling at me.  So, I didn't feel comfortable at that time to ask him.  But, I will ask him to help me.  I am going as cheap as I can since I am buying my ticket this time with the help of my brothers.  I am changing planes this time.  I am flying Southwest but I am not flying direct.  On the way down, I fly up to Chicago Midway and switch to another Southwest plane and then fly to Fort Meyers.  On the way home, I leave Fort Meyers, fly over to Orlando and then into St. Louis.  My air fare was $109 each way but with taxes and all of that stuff it was $250.00 round trip.  I leave on November 9 and get home on November 17,  Tuesday to a Wednesday. 

On the boob front, boy do I have a mess!  I am still taking the antibiotics, the infection is gone, but now I have a yeast infection and it is just plain gross looking!  I literally have holes under each boob from the lack of blood flow, so that is just gong to have to fill in on its own.  I have my week follow up tomorrow with my surgeon, so I will be interested to see what he says this time.  My mom still doesn't know about this, so do you think she will notice ?!?!?!  I am really trying hard to loose about 5 - 7 pounds before I leave.  That would make me really happy !!  I am eating, but I am not eating to where I am uncomfortable. 

So, what is new going on with you ??


  1. Ug...I hate that you are having such a hard time. At least the infection is gone. That's a good thing.

  2. Jenn ~ Thanks! My boobs looked better after leaving them uncovered last night. I will be anxious to see what my surgeon says tomorrow.

  3. Hang in there, A~ Glad you will get to see your mom.

  4. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I never got an infection, but I can imagine you are not feeling so hot right now. I'm sure it will clear up soon. Antibiotics normally cause yeast infections I think... at least I think that's what I remember. Good luck hun. I have the Motivation post up now if you want to link up. I was without internet all weekend so it was posted late.

  5. DRINK BUTTERMILK or EAT YOGURT!! That will get rid of the yeast infection! NEVER take an antibiotic without eating yogurt or drinking buttermilk! The ABiotic kills ALL good and bad need to replace the Good ones and the Y or BM will do that....
    Take care on the flights!!

  6. Jane ~ Thanks, I am !! :)

    Jeannette ~ I am doing much better. I will get back on MM next week.

    Donna ~ I completely forgot about yogurt! My doctor said it all looked okay, I just have to wait for the holes to close up. He can't do surgery or anything, they just have to close on their own.

  7. Take care of yourself. And congrats on those new clothes sizes.