Monday, October 25, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award and More

Thanks, Jeannette,  who thinks I am a stylish blogger !!   I want EVERYONE who has a blog to grab this award.  I love all of my readers who stop by here daily !!  :)  If you grab the award, let me know, so I can come and see you and comment.  I try to stop by everyday !!  :)

Don't forget about the Mary Kay that you can get from me, if I have it, for 50% off.  I have lots !!

My neighbor, Cathy, can no longer get in her truck.  The step of it has rusted off and she has short legs.  She called me today to see if I would take her to the place here locally to apply for assistance with her gas bill, so I did.  Then she asked me to go with her tomorrow to take her to a doctor appointment here locally.  She has kidney stones.   So, she has an appointment tomorrow with the urologist. 

I made an appointment for me tomorrow for a facial.  Fun ?!?!  Yes, you are right.  I wish I had someone to go with tomorrow.  But to have a couple of hours to myself, all to myself, that will be so nice.  It is a 'fall' facial.  This time with the facial and decollete, I am also getting my hands and feet done !!  Won't that be nice.  It is one of the October specials at my salon !! 

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are really falling off of the trees.  The days are getting chilly.  The heat runs in the morning and the air runs in the afternoon.  This is typical for the Midwest !!  :)

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  1. We're supposed to finally get some cooler weather on the weekend, but we were "supposed" to get rain this week too and didn't! :)

    Your neighbor is so blessed to have you, Dawn. ((hugs))