Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6 Things About Me That You Don't Know

  1. Everyone is my immediate family calls me "D".  I don't know who started it !! 
  2. I have had just one furry baby.  I would love to rescue another one!!!!
  3. I seriously over exclamate!  It’s one of my worst habits!! (Have you ever noticed that ?!?!?)  :)
  4. I am at my best under pressure, but then I just get overwhelmed.  Then I am not good to anyone.
  5. I am a PC.
  6. How I actually met, Roy!  I don't think anybody knows !!  Does anybody have any guess's ?!?!
Play along with me !!  :)  Let me know if you do and I will come and see "6" things that I don't know about you.  I know there are at least "6" six things that you can come up with.  You can get an idea of my "6" things !!  :)

Have a great Wednesday !!  :) 


  1. I do the same thing too, lol! I go nuts with the "Lol" and "!!?? !?!?!" thing too, lol!!!! SEE??

  2. Yeah!!! I kinda knew that!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    I'm trying to remember if I know how you met Roy - give me a minute - I KNOW I KNOW!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Hey D! I can answer #1. I am the responsible one for calling you D! When Clark was born, we needed to deam you Aunt Dawn. So, I took after Ant N, and started referring to you as Ant D. And then, when the boys started getting old enough to talk etc, they knew you as Ant D or turkey, thus "D". Although, now with your boob job, I still think I should switch to calling you "A". Whichever works! Love you. I am very curious about #6! Please you know, I am very good at keeping secrets!

  4. Roy and I met on the internet !! :) !! :)