Sunday, October 24, 2010

Feeling So Much Better

Thanks everyone for your concerns !!  Medicine does work miracles.  It is only for short term.  I have never been depressed in my life.  Hard to believe, huh?!?  Especially after all I have been through.  I have had my moments, but I am usually very uppity up, positive and love life.  I just have a minor bump in the road with my bipolar in the end of October and the first of November.  I have since I have been diagnosed.  I have a great doctor and he knows what to do !!  I love you Dr. R. !!

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  1. I am so so glad you are feeling better! I hate how depression sneaks up on you and then BAM it's full force before you know it. It does that for me at least. I hope you are healing alright as well.

  2. More awards for my awesome supporter!