Monday, October 11, 2010

From Cathy's Son, Jason ~ More About Death and Dying

I just received this note from Jason, Cathy's son, on facebook.

Jus writting to say thank you for the trips to ****. Mom & I both really appreciate it and ya being with us. I know it can be a lenghty trip, long days and add up alot of milage & we'd be glad to chip in for gas, lunch or whatever else we can help with. If you or Roy ever need help with anything here at home let me know, I'll be glad to come give a hand. Im extra grateful especially for the rides to the Halloween Shops...its hard to find good quality stuff in ***** so again thanks a million.

I thought it was very nice !  He is 26 years old.  Doesn't drive because he is afraid to parallel  park.  I avoid parallel parking at all cost!!  He has his STD (sexually transmitted disease) report in his pictures on face book.  He also has Jesus as part of his name on face book.  Today, at the Halloween store, he bought red contact's for his eyes.  He said, that she gave him to bottles of them.  She didn't.  He stole them !!!!!

I just hope that Mr. Zahner goes quickly.  He just laid there and was non responsive.  When we arrived today, his temperature was 97.9 and when we left, it was 99.9.  His checks were bright red.  His lungs are starting to rattle and slowly starting to fill with fluid.  Cathy's brother was very appreciative that I did his laundry and that I brought Cathy and Jason down again today.  Tomorrow, I have an appointment with my surgeon, so, I would be going down anyway. 

This is COMPLETELY off subject !!  But, if you want to see before and after pictures of my breast reduction surgery, I have pictures !!  :)  I still have wholes under each boob, but they are starting to heal.  Leave me your email address, if I don't have it, and let me know if you want to see.  You have been with me through this adventure.  If you don't want to see, you will NOT offend me !!  :) 


  1. STOLE THEM????? OMWord Girlfriend!!!!! Have you said anything to him? Probably wouldn't do any good now...Poor old man...bless his heart!!!

  2. Jenn ~ Coming your way !! :)

    Donna ~ Yes, he did !! On the way home, he said, Look at the contacts, then we were just about home, and he said, look I 'found' another pair. I think I put these in my pocket !!!! I keep my doors locked all the time now !!!!