Sunday, October 10, 2010

More About Death and Dying

He is still alive, but I don't know for how much longer.  The hospice nurse will be back in Monday morning to access his condition if he is still alive.  His morphine doses have increased as well as the length between them.  Cathy said to her brother that she didn't think she wanted to come down tomorrow while she was looking at me.  I told her that it was not a problem for me to bring she and Jason down.  She has trouble seeing at night.  Remember, her 25 or 26 year old son doesn't drive.  Because, he says, he is afraid to parallel park.  But, he is a strange kid !!  Really odd !!  On his profile on FB, he has his STD report, that says he is free of the diseases.  Is that gross, or what ?!?!!?!

I called my mom when I got home, she said, why are you putting the miles on your car, why are you doing this for her.  I told her, Mom, come on, when Dad died, didn't people friends and neighbors pull together to help us.  What are neighbors for, right ?!?!   She said, are they paying you for gas??  I said, she is going to fill my tank up in the morning.  She said, don't let them take advantage of you!  I said, I won't.  I think a lot of my doing a lot with Cathy and taking her to her appointments and stuff with me to see my surgeon will all make sense when she see's me in November.  I am flying down to see her for a week.  She decided she can't make the trip up to St. Louis.  I think I told you this, lol.  If not, I am sorry!  I am going to see her.  My Mom said, that I am being to nice ?!?!?  How can you be to nice??   I am a kind, caring, loving individual.  Mom knows that !! 

I am doing Cathy's brothers laundry now.  He is staying at the Veteran's home day and and night until his dad dies. 


  1. Just do what You Can Live With!!!
    No one else can judge that For you!
    And YES! You ARE a Very loving person!

  2. I wouldn't expect you to do any less, D! You have always helped people out and now that you are physically and emotionally able to do it, why not, plus it makes you feel so much better as a person too! Good for you...just be sure to take time for you too! Gotta get back to work...staff work day!

  3. your friend is lucky to have you. Stay true to yourself no matter what others think. I'm sure your mom has your best interest at heart but from what I know of you Dawn, you take pride in helping others and it makes you happy.