Monday, November 8, 2010

Motivaton Monday

I am back to doing this !  Jeannette and myself are the only ones that I 'know' that are participating in the Virtual Biggest Loser Contest !  I get an email with a list of everybody else participating, but I don't 'know' them !!  haha

So, this week:  I am drinking more water and less coke zero.  Wow, the headaches I am having from caffeine.  But, it is all worth it for me to be more healthier.  I am also going to go back to the gym when I come back from Florida.  I can rock my world there.

Start packing today !!  :)  I am really looking forward to going down to see Mom.  I call her everyday, but I called her several times yesterday while I was at Wal Mart to see if she needed anything else.  I asked her if she needed deodorant, toothpaste or anything like that and she said she was fine.  I have to trust her.  

About Face Book yesterday, I just checked it quickly.  I am doing pretty good, but I do feel an addiction.  I guess you could say that I am more nosy that anything !  LOL

Busy.. busy day !!  Florida bound Tuesday morning.  I have to be at the airport at 7:00 am.  I live an hour and a half from the airport.  We are leaving at 5:30.  What time am I getting up ?!?!?!  Can you say 4:30 !!  Oh, it is a new experience for me, too.  I am changing airplanes this time.  I am not flying direct.  I know, sigh.  I fly from St. Louis, to Chicago Midway.  (Flying Southwest).  Change planes, Southwest terminal.  From Chicago to Ft. Myers.  Then on Wednesday, when I fly home.  I don't fly direct.  I fly from Ft. Myers to Orlando.  From Orlando to St. Louis.  I went the cheap route.  But, with Southwest you don't have to pay for your luggage.  I am doing some blog posts that are already are scheduled.  But, I will let you know what my mom says about my breast reduction as soon as I can get to the computer where she lives !!  :)  Until then... good bye !!  :)


  1. Have a safe trip sweetie! Let us know how things go!

  2. You best go to bed very early tonight. YIKES!! LOL

    Have some precious moments with Mom, and take care, Dawn. Can't wait to hear what she says. (((hugs)))

  3. Be safe, my friend. I can not wait to hear what your mom says.

  4. Have a safe trip! I love your new blog layout for Christmas. It's very festive. I love holly.

    Thanks so much for posting a Motivation Monday post. I am so happy to have you with me again. Now we just need to get Jenn on board! See you when you get home.