Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"The BOOBS are out of the bag...I mean bra!"

Hey everyone!  This is Jane, Dawn's SIL.  She asked me to update you all.  As you can see from the title, yup, the boob surgery is a secret no more! It is all good too!  From the moment that Dawn arrived in FL, she was wondering how, when and if she would share the news.  She had been talking to Roy on the phone on several different occasions since arriving and he kept asking her "did you tell her, yet?"  "when are you going to tell her?"  Of course, with Dawn's mom standing right next to her, Dawn's answers could only be "not yet," "not now,"  "I don't know."  So, it was inevitable and time to tell her...her responses were making her mom uneasy.  Dawn simply said "Mom, on Sept 1, 2010, I had my breast reduction!"  "Do you want to see?"  Her mom wasn't mad or upset.  She actually said "I thought your shirts looked bigger."  I am sure that Dawn is relieved to have her mom know the procedure was done and that she is healing well.

Dawn is settling in for her Florida visit too.  I know that she is glad to be with her mom and to assess how she is doing.  From the sounds of things, Sharon is independently mobile, and has been working really hard on her therapy and has lost some weight too.  They will enjoy mother/daughter time.  I told Dawn on the phone a few minutes ago that now that they both have lost so much weight, that they could spoon in the bed.  Ha! Ha!

I usually view Dawn's blog on internet explorer and as of today, I am not able to view the new design/blog etc.  I have no problem viewing it through Firefox.  Just an FYI.

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