Sunday, August 22, 2010


My Baby

Jane took this picture when she and my nephews where here for a visit in June.

We rescued Pedro from a welfare animal shelter. He had been abused from children. He is shy, timid and is just okay around kids. He and Roy really became best buddy's when I was in Florida. I am the one who walks him and feeds him.
 He is my first pet. I have never had a dog or a cat. I am highly allergic to cats. I just woke up one day and said that I wanted a dog and we had him that same night.
 He is 4 years old and a chihuahua. We think he has some terrier in him. He is so much company for us and he is a lot of responsibility for me. He depends on me for everything.

So, there is Pedro !! :)

Is there anybody good with HTML. I obviously need help !! LOL
A HUGE THANKS TO Donna for the HTML help !!  :)


  1. Prettiest Pedro on the Planet!!!!!

  2. What an adorable pet. It's always nice to have a dog - they are so much company, and hardly ever get mad at you.

    When I needed HTML help a while back, I went to the library and checked out a book. Lots of free help there.

  3. Cas ~ He is so much company for us. I found an HTML editor on the computer when I tried to put the HTML on this post. It worked fine in the editor, but I guess blogger didn't like it.

  4. Ok, I assume you want to be able to just click on the a word or that http: line in your post and have it carry you to an article out on the web or in another of your post?
    Try this:
    1. Highlight that link in the first line of your post. Make SURE you typed it correctly or you ain't going Nowhere!Hahaa
    Right click

    2. Now go to Edit Post
    3. click on the post you want to correct
    4. Ok, should be at the post.
    5. Highlight that link line again thats in your post
    6. Look up and click on the link icon
    7. a small Hyperlink box will pop up.
    8. See the URL line where http:// is highlighted in blue? Hit the Delete button on your keyboard to get rid of it. No more blue http on that line!
    9. NOW, Right click your mouse
    10. Click on Paste
    11. Hit OK

    Now hit Publish

    Go out and look at your post and try clicking on the link to see it it works...It Should!



  5. Donna ~ Thanks for the HTML instrucions. I will give them a try. Your comments didn't post, though. Hmmm, that is strange !!