Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting Started

I am so excited.  I have so much things going on in my life now.  I don't know where to start.  Right now, the biggest one that I can't wait for is my breast reduction surgery.  I have wanted this for so long.  I have lost over 200 lbs.  I would still like to loose more weight.  But, I really can't do anything until after the surgery.  My back, neck and shoulders hurt so bad.  My arms go numb from my bra straps.  My upper back and neck just can't support my breasts anymore.  I have never been in this kind of pain before. 

My surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, September 1.  I will be called the day before to be told the time of surgery.  I wish I knew now.  I have lots to do the Monday and Tuesday before.  This week is really going to go fast. 

I have been approved on my husband's insurance.  His insurance will pay 90% and we will pay 10%.  This is a dream for me.  I know most woman want augmentation.  But, I have been large busted all my life and have put everyone first in my life, now it is time to do something for me.  I can't wait to have these 10 pound of potatoes taken off of my chest !!


  1. I am very proud that you are saying it outloud...."doing something for you instead of doing something for someone else!!!!!" I still want to call you "A" when this boob job is done, ok? love you, D

  2. I remember how excited I was before my surgery. Just wait until you see how excited you feel after the surgery!

  3. Thanks, Jane!! I am doing something for myself. I am proud of it!! I hope my mom will be okay for awhile. *Fingers are crossed*

    Jenn ~ I can't wait to call you and tell you how I feel after my surgery. I just can't wait!!

  4. Hi Darlin'!! Oh, I LOVE this blog SO much better than the other one! It was too hard to read the words...but this one is Great!Love the color!
    SO Excited for you Dawn! I know you'll feel so much better after the surgery!
    Can't wait to follow along for the ride!
    Happy Sunday to you!
    The link you typed in the comment section on my blog, didn't I just clicked on your name and it did work!

  5. This is so great Dawn! I'm so happy for you :) And I like the new blog!!

  6. Donna ~ I love this new place, too. I am glad you found me. I forgot the www. LOL

    Lauren ~ Thanks, I can't wait ! I am glad you like my blog, too !! :)

  7. I have small potatoes which annoy I can imagine what big one's would feel like. My biggest gripe about my little potatoes is the seat belt in the slides around and won't stay in one place. Make sure they give big enough potatoes so you won't have this problem. Just sayin'.....

    Will be thinking of you when you have your surgery.

  8. Thanks, Joan! I hope I won't have seat belt problems. One more day closer!