Sunday, August 29, 2010

About The Approval Process of My Surgery and More

It is Sunday afternoon and I haven't done a thing all day!  I am getting REALLY excited about my breast reduction surgery !!  I just can't wait. 

Last night when I got undressed and got my night shirt on, Roy grabbed my boob.  I NEVER let him touch them.  I am embarrassed by the size of them.  He said, they are huge.  LOL  I know they are.  I hate them.  But, after surgery, they will ge gone, bye bye forever. 

I am sure you are wondering just how big I am.  I wasn't going to say, but what the heck, right ?!?! 

I started wearing a bra when I was 12.  It was a training bra.  I remember from going to that to a B, C and then all of a sudden I was a DDD and still growing.  I could no longer buy my bra's in department stores.  After many years and reaching my highest weight of over 400 lbs.  My size at that time, which was just about 2 years ago, was a 52II.  Yes, you read that right !!  I had to find a speciality bra store and get my bras.  They cost from $70 to $150 dollars.  They were NOT cute and it was like wearing a crane on your body to lift them up.  During this time, my shoulders, neck and back were really bothering.  Even when I was growing up.  But continued to get steadily worse.  Now today, I am at 190 lbs. and my bra size is a 40FF.  My boobs are never going to go away.  I have always been large busted and my back, shoulders and neck can no longer support them.  I live weekly at the chiropractor's office and still buy my bra's at the speciality store. 

So, I decided in March to pursue breast reduction surgery.  I checked with Roy's insurance, and if I was approved for medical conditions, his insurance would pay 90% and we would have to pay 10%.  Incase you are wondering how much I was quoted for the surgery, he ranged me from $12,000 to $15,000.  So, our part will be from $1,200 to $1,500.  The date of the approval letter is dated on my birthday, but everything that was going on with my Mom at the time, he forgot to tell me that the approval came in the mail.  So, one evening we were talking, and I said to him, "Have we gotten anythign from the insurance company regarding my breast reduction approval"?  He said it came about two weeks ago and you were approved.  I was upset that he didn't tell me when it came, but was estatic that I was approved.  I couldn't do anything about it while I was in Florida.  As soon as I came home, I called, made an appointment with the surgeon and then scheduled the surgery.  Just that simple !! 

I went to a couple of different surgeons, all plastic surgeons, one I just didn't like, one that wouldn't touch me because of a medication that I take (which is saved for another day) and the one who is doing the surgery.  I loved the work that he did on his previous clients. 

I need to get busy and start filling out papers for the anesthesiologist.  I have never gotten sick from it.  Boy, I sure hope I don't, can you imagine how uncomfortable I will be if I do ?!?!?  I don't even want to think about it.

Please don't mention anything on face book about this.  My Mom is not going to know anything about this.  My Mom's sister and my Mom don't want me to have the surgery, because I am autoimmune (which is saved for another day).  My cousin, my Mom's sister's daughter, is my friend on face book and she will tell my aunt so fast that it will not be pretty.  So, this is will you will find updates on how I am doing !!  :)

I find out on Tuesday what time my surgery is scheduled for.  My surgeon said it will take 3 hours to do the surgery.  I have a feeling that he will probably just do me that day.  I am excited and can't wait.  I don't have any fears, yet.  I had a little trouble last night going to sleep and am a little tired.  But, all is good !!


  1. Mums the word, A! Keeping my fingers crossed that things go smoothly.

  2. Thanks, Jane !!! I feel confident that it will.

  3. I know you must be elated!!

  4. I am , Donna !! :)

    My surgery is Wednesday at 9:00 am. Nothing to eat after midnight. Nothing to drink after 6:00 am. We have to be there at 8:00. I am soooo excited... but, I am getting a wee bit anxious and a wee bit nervous. But, all will be good !!

  5. Also, thanks to the Design Girl for my blog design !! :)